How Rust Belt Recovery Looks Different From Everyone Else

Block for sale, West Village, Detroit.  Source: There are people who believe that population loss in Rust Belt cities, a long-term phenomenon, should be a great concern.  There are those who don’t.  More and more, evidence suggests that population decline in the Rust Belt may be structural, even inevitable.  However, economic decline is not. […]

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Starbucks, Race and Cities

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz writes “Race Together” on a coffee cup in a Starbucks shop.  Source: So Starbucks wants to initiate a national conversation about race.  Since I write about cities, and Starbucks is perhaps our nation’s leading gentrification early warning system, I’ll take them up on it. Last week, Starbucks said they would […]

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Repost: Hyper-Segregation: The Defining Feature of Rust Belt Cities

Homicide inequality in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.  Source: Daniel Kay Hertz, (Note: Recent months for this blog have seen a big uptick in traffic; since August 2014 daily pageviews have nearly tripled.  But that means that many posts that were published before then didn’t get the exposure that subsequent posts did.  Here’s […]

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The "Five Midwests" Series

Throughout my life I’ve been about as big an advocate for Rust Belt cities as there is.  I grew up in Detroit, have lived for years in the Chicago area, and I’ve become intimately familiar with other cities throughout the Rust Belt/Midwest.  However, one of the issues that has perplexed me for years is the […]

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