Published For Posterity

When I was a kid my parents purchased a complete 1977 Encyclopedia Britannica set.  I read each volume, A through Z, from beginning to end.  Trust me, my family can vouch for me.

With the set we were also given the annual Britannica Book of the Year that summarized the important news, cultural, scientific and social events of the preceding year.  As with the complete encyclopedia set, I marveled at the expertise of the writers of the articles, covering what seemed to be the entire spectrum of knowledge (remember, this is pre-Internet).

Pictured above is a story about Detroit’s municipal bankruptcy filing last year, written by yours truly.  My copy came today.  I was privileged to be contacted by Britannica to develop an article for their 2014 Book of the Year, covering the events of 2013.  You can find the complete article on the Web right here.

I never imagined that I would one day be a contributor to the pantheon of knowledge.  I’m honored to do so, and grateful that this blog has been a vehicle for sorting and organizing the millions of thoughts that pass through my head regularly.  And thanks to the readers here who read, consider, critique and challenge my thoughts, and make them better.

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