"Reasons Behind Detroit’s Decline" Reax

Wow.  If I could only tell you what the last 30+ hours have been like.  The response to this article has been overwhelming.  I thought it would do well, but not this well.

Over at urbanophile.com, Aaron has nearly 80 comments on the post.  My estimate?  About 80% are positive:

A very detailed, well-written post. Thank you for this. It is good to simply lay out the factors in one place, to recognize the size of the challenge that Detroit and other places like it face.

Another 10% are like, “well, duh”:

 Detroit is not unique. Many other Rust Belt cities suffered decline. Milwaukee, Chicago, Toledo, the list is familiar. Detroit isn’t even unique in Michigan. Flint suffered a similar decay, and the decline started at the same time. Metro Flint, like metro Detroit, never suffered a decay or population loss. Doesn’t that invalidate your thesis that Detroit’s geography was, in any way, unique?

And the last 10% are very nearly trolls:

 Did you READ Sugrue? I mean, your analysis sounds well and good, but in multiple areas you are saying how you are making “speculations” or that you’re not sure. I mean, wouldn’t you want to look into these issues a bit more?

Overall, however, the responses are well-written and thoughtful — even those I disagree with.

Makes me wonder what will happen when I propose some prescriptions for change in the D.

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